FCF 2.0 development in progress...
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FCF2 - Framework for NODEJS web development and browser applications

FCF2 is a continuation of the first experimental version, which is available at https://fcf-framework.mywire.org.

The framework comes in the form of NODEJS packages, which are self-contained development tools. The development of all FCF2 packages is not finished yet, but individual packages can be used in your WEB applications.

While the project contains only two packages:

fcf-framework-core - contains base methods and classes to provide other nodes, since other packages are under development.

fcf-framework-unitest - contains functionality for unit testing.

fcf-framework-lock - package provides locking functions on a file using the flock or LockFileEx function and named mutex.

Latest news

Added functionality for blocking named mutexes. - Now the fcf-framework-lock package also supports the functionality of locking critical sections based on named mutexes
Added package for unit testing - The first public version of the fcf-framework-unitest package has been released
First version - Released the first version of the kernel available for public use