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fcf.NLock.unlockFile() function

[SERVER ONLY] fcf.NLock.unlockFile(number a_lock, function a_cb)

Package: fcf-framework-lock

File: fcf-framework-lock:index.js

Available from version: 1.0.0

Removes a locks on a file


number a_lock
- The lock handle

function a_cb
- The function of processing the result of the function execution

Function signature: a_cb(Error|undefined a_error)

  • Error|undefined a_error - Error object

Example: Function application

const libLock = require("fcf-framework-lock"); function action(a_name) { console.log(`Action ${a_name}: Start locking file...`); libLock.lockFile("index.js", (a_error, a_lock)=>{ if (a_error){ console.log("Error lock on file"); process.exit(1); } console.log(`Action ${a_name}: We do some action`); setTimeout(()=>{ console.log(`Action ${a_name}: Removing a lock from a file`); libLock.unlockFile(a_lock, (a_error)=>{ if (a_error){ console.log("Error unlock on file"); process.exit(1); } }); }, 1000); }) } action("1"); action("2");


Action 1: Start locking file... Action 2: Start locking file... Action 1: We do some action Action 1: Removing a lock from a file Action 2: We do some action Action 2: Removing a lock from a file