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fcf.Exception class

Base class: Error

Package: fcf-framework-core

File: fcf-framework-core:fcf.js

Available from version: 2.0.2

Error class. Stores a string alias for the error, a tokenized string to be translated, and may also contain a pointer to the underlying error that caused the current error to be generated.

string name - Event name. The given name defines the error message template
string message - Human readable error message. When generating this message, tokenization and automatic translation into the user's language is performed.
[object] stackArr - An array containing objects with a description of the call stack

The array element has the following properties

  • string function - Function name

  • integer line - Line number

  • integer column - Column number

  • string file - File name

Error|fcf.Exception exception - The object of the error that caused the object to be instantiated
constructor(string a_exceptionName, object a_args = {}, Error a_subException = undefined)
constructor(Error a_baseException, object a_args = {}, Error a_subException = undefined)
constructor(object a_baseExceptionData, object a_args = {}, Error a_subException = undefined)
- Class constructor
string toString(boolean a_enableStack = false, boolean a_enableSubException = false, strign a_language = fcf.getContext().language || fcf.getConfiguration().defaultLanguage)
- Returns an error message