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append() method from fcf.Configuration class

append(object|fcf.Configuration a_config)

Package: fcf-framework-core

File: fcf-framework-core:fcf.js

Available from version: 2.0.2

Adds a configuration to an object

Each time a configuration is added, the data is rebuilt. During rebuild, the configuration parameters are collected in the following order:

  • Default parameters, which are set when the enableDefaultParams flag is set in the constructor

  • Parameters that were added by the appendPackage method

  • Parameters that were added by the append method.


object|fcf.Configuration a_config
- Configuration object to add. If the object is an instance of the fcf.Configuration class and the fields in the a_config object are changed, then the changes will be reflected in the new object.

Example: Function application

let configuration = new fcf.Configuration(); configuration.append({value1: 1}); configuration.appendPackage({value1: 10, value2: 20}); console.log("value1:", configuration.value1); console.log("value2:", configuration.value2);


value1: 1 value2: 20